Zen Air has many different management options to suit you with the ideal option being the one that works for you. The ultimate goal is to make ownership a pleasure as well as a valuable and profitable experience. We can offer you anything from a complete turnkey operation to a hybrid contract where you actively participate in the management decisions.

Most aircraft owners want to generate revenue for their aircraft while not in use. An under-utilized asset is a poorly managed asset. Our demand for charters exceeds our available aircraft and we are looking to add the right aircraft to our fleet.

What makes us different from most operators is we think it’s our duty to save you money. We feel savings in services such as insurance, maintenance and training costs should be passed to you with no mark-up on our part. We are very aggressive in negotiating on your behalf and use our cost efficiencies to save you money. We have negotiated purchase agreements with suppliers throughout the world and continue to update the list to reflect where owners and clients want to go. Fuel discounts alone can easily save you tens of thousands per year.

We believe in slow measured growth and are financially very conservative. Too many firms have risen too quickly to see their names splashed across trade papers as spectacular failures. Unfortunately, these companies have eroded trust in the industry and left too many owners with unpaid debts. We think this is an egregious breach of trust and thus inexcusable. We prefer the slow and measured road to growth.

Our focus is primarily on safety and we have an impeccable record. We supervise and continually update every aspect of a trip to ensure it is conducted to the highest standards. Safety is first and foremost an attitude and pilots are chosen not only for their skills in the cockpit but most importantly for their judgement.

We are a small company and feel our business does not lend itself to huge growth. We are in the service industry and think we can only offer our level our service if we remain personally available to you. This is why we won’t pair you with a Personal Account Team or an Owner or Service Representative. We prefer you or a member of your team call us directly and we will address and resolve any issues ourselves.

We are aircraft owners ourselves and understand ownership must be a pleasure and a rewarding and profitable experience. It must never be a burden. Under-promising and over-delivering is the philosophy that guides and motivates us every day.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Your partners at Zen Air.