An aircraft cabin has to be a welcoming environment and every flight should evoke a pleasant memory. Flights on Zen Air aircraft are not about transportation, they are about travel.


We don’t limit ourselves to the usual and the obvious. We don’t normally just call the local caterers and place an order. We source the best chefs in cities where we travel and we work with them in preparing moveable feasts. It also has the added benefit of costing less. Few operators bother to pair wines with what they serve but we think it is attention to detail that matters. An aircraft cabin ought to be a welcoming environment with fresh-cut flowers and special attention must be paid to lighting and music.


Children are important to us and we like to engage them with games and toys. Their meals shouldn’t necessarily be smaller portions of what adults like but dishes especially prepared for them. These meals should reflect what their parents want them to eat and be both healthy and fun..


We know our clients like to rest on long flights and our idea of rest isn’t limited to a generic blanket that gets folded—unwashed—at the end of a flight. We offer mattresses and clean sheets with a high thread-count and comfortable pillows—not small sofa pillows. Blankets can either be Swiss down comforters or thick cashmere.